Как поступить на программу двойных дипломов НИУ ВШЭ — ESCP Europe

FAQ for ESCP double degree student from Russia

1. Once you decided to choose double degree program … or WHY ESCP Europe?

ESCP Europe, Paris campus
Master in Management, ranked 4th worldwide in 2017
Double degree program

French or English

Note: it is up to you, even if you choose courses in French, you can pass your exams in English.

Academic training?
Core courses
Research Project (master thesis)

Master 1 — Moscow, HSE
Master 2 — Paris, ESCP Europe

Program cost?
11.900€ for European Union citizens
15.900€ for non European Union citizens

ESCP Europe Merit scholarships
HSE scholarship
French government (social or financial)
Eiffel scholarship

2. Once you decided to enter the ESCP… or TODO list before your Master 1 in Moscow?

To apply for the program (to send a portfolio to HSE program manager — IELTS/TOEFL test, cover letter, CV, passport, application form)

To enter HSE management faculty (to pass HSE exams)

To pass an interview in Moscow
To send the documents to ESCP (to send a portfolio to ESCP program manager)

To wait for the results and if you are enrolled to confirm your admission by sending the confirmation slip without the payment

3. Once you get your Welcome letter… or TODO list during Master 1 in Moscow?

To apply for Bourses d’Excellence Eiffel
To apply for Bourses du Gouvernement Francais

To apply for HSE (no need to apply for ESCP scholarship — the decision is made based on your marks)
To choose your courses (and be aligned with your HSE courses):
To validate your choice with HSE
To send your the list by email to ESCP

To fill out the financial form and to send it by post to ESCP
To get your visa
To find an accommodation

To come to Paris 🙂

4. Once you arrive in Paris… or TODO list during Master 2 in Paris

To visit Welcome day at ESCP and to pass your French test
To get your student ID
To fill out the medical form
To get your Sécurité Sociale insurance + an “individual” insurance
To apply for residence permits (managed by the Student Affairs Office)
To get your bank account
To get your french sim card
To apply for CAF (the help with accommodation)
To go to OFFI (on the day of RDV and to get your student visa

To pay for the studies once you receive the invoice
To pass your 1 semester exams

To validate your thesis theme at ESCP
To validate your thesis theme at HSE

To pass your 2 semester exams
To validate your professional experience

To defend your master thesis at ESCP
To renew your visa if you stay in France (1) Student visa, if you pass your internship in France and take a gap year; 2) APS visa if you do not take a gap year and do not have a job, 3) working visa if you have a job offer in France)

To defend your master thesis at HSE

To get your ESCP degree and HSE degree 🙂 (in case you do not take a gap year)

Elina Sarazetdinova

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